Monday, February 23, 2009

The List of Who's Coming to Portland

We have received Registration forms from the following:
Sheldon (Shelly)Pravda
Elinor Pravda
Emma Gustafson
Jacque Olsen
Anita Cohen
Bob Sullivan and Marci Beane
Larry Marcum
Mary Dignan
Janet Gianini
Susan Sherrill
Mickie Maciejak
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie
Dan and Suzy Gustafson
Tom Morgan
Ken Garringer
Rebecca Koolstra
Mark and Sherri Thompson

This e mail from Sherri. . . .

"Hey, I have not been keeping up with how the social has been marketed, but I did hear that people did not have time to go read a blog.

I would love to see a good turn out, but you have to keep people excited.

Is anyone posting info on the other list about the upcoming social? Who is coming? What will the events be? And how much does everything cost?

I know I miss emails because I am busy, but others who are part of the list said there was not much talk about the social.

Just a heads up on what some are saying.


Sherri "

I admit to being surprised at this. I guess I have pictured myself communicating with all of you. Dan suggested we put a site meter on the blog to access how many hits it's getting. I am advertising the event on The Yahoo group RP Friends and at the RP Listserve run by Carlton. If others of you have ideas on publicity let me know. The website for the social is not under my control and things get posted as the individual has time so that is not a speedy way to stay connected. I thought blogging was the answer.
I will individually invite everyone I know with an e mail address. Thanks Sherri for the information.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update on the room availability at the Portland Sheraton. . . .after receiving this e mail from Larry in Northern California :-) The front desk shows eight rooms are still available. I will call Jeremy Duncan on Monday to get a list of those already booked and decide whether we need to reserve more rooms at the rate of $109.00. Thanks for your interest; this RP Social is going to be so much fun!! Wahooooooooooooooooo
Hi Suzy,
I called the Sheraton tonight and reserved my room. Then I have been in the Mirc chatroom with Mary Dignan and also Janet in Australia. They have both been trying to reserve through the online link and having trouble getting it to work, and it tells them that all of the blocked rooms are already booked. So I called the hotel for them and was told that there are only about 6 rooms left, so I reserved a room for each of them.
The hotel told me that once the alloted rooms are gone, the room rate goes up to $160 or more. Is that your understanding, that almost all the rooms are already booked so soon?
We just thought that you should know Suzy.
Take care, talk to you soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Roomate Wanted!

You know we can create shared rooms at the Sheraton for RPers traveling solo to the Social.
We didn't think to add this line to the registration form. Oopsies. . .
When Mirage and I flew to Los Angeles for our first social I was paired with Emma Gustafson, Jacque's Mother. Coincidentally we are both Gustafsons and we sure did hit it off. This room sharing is a terrific way to really get to know someone. And it cuts your expenses in half~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RP Social registration form

RP Social 2009 Registration Form is ready at long last; so many important decisions regarding costs. Thanks for your patience friends. . . Contact me by e mail or phone if you have comments or questions :-} Looking forward to seeing you all in July!
Love, Mirage, Dan and SuzyG

You can download the registration form here. Click on the download arrow on the right to download the form.

If you have trouble downloading the form, e-mail us at and we'll send you a form via e-mail.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Hi Suzy,
Larry here in northern California again. I still plan on going to the Social, I just have not made my reservations yet.
I have not been to one yet, but I want to bring up something and maybe make an offer regarding the tshirts and bandanas. It may be easier if you could call me?
Larry and guide dog Galleon"

Well our new friend and 'brother', Larry called to say he is willing to make our T shirts. He has the time and skills and resources to help. Go Larry!!
I think our Theme will be RP Social 2009 Portland,Oregon, the City of Roses

Pam Hogan is supplying examples of previous T shirt logos and she told me she has made the bandanas in previous years. If this part proves challenging, I too can get creative and find a nice rose print at Fabric Depot and pitch in to help Larry.
Larry,Thank You So Much:^)
Guess What!
Suddenly the buffet suggestion rooted in me and began to become a viable option. I called Anna Abraham at the Sheraton today to pursue the idea and take another giant step towards fixing the cost of the dinner dance and completing the registration form, ( Thanks Dan) Anna said they will have servers at the buffet line to help us and we are certainly help one another since we are a 'family'. To have an entree served to us was the same price as the buffet which has so much more to offer.
We added an in room bar for $95.00 which will ease the traffic to and from the bar in the lobby. Dan says the drinks are reasonably priced. Having a bar in the ballroom only adds one dollar to the total cost.
So I am happy, how about you? Here is the description. . .

"Simply Sheraton" Buffet $28.95
Seasonal Mixed Greens with assorted dressings
Fresh Fruit Salad
Bow Tie Pasta Salad with Smoked Ham
La Trattoria Vegetarian Lasagna
Herb Roasted Chicken
Green Beans and Herb Roasted Potatoes
Rolls and Butter
Chef Barry's Dessert Table
Starbuck's Cofee and Tazo Teas

Okay, it's not a Rose but it is a hydrangea from the yard next door.
Inviting you to the Pacific Northwest. . .

RP Social in Portland, Or.
July 23-26, 2009

Save this Date!
RP Social
July 23-26, 2009
In beautiful Portland,Oregon
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

8235 Northeast Airport Way, Portland, Oregon 97220
800-325-3535 for reservations

Mention RP Social to get our negotiated room rate. We have reserved a block of 40 rooms.

A basic room rate is $109.00, or
$129.00 for a package that includes daily continental breakfast and Happy Hour

Hosted by Dan and Suzy Gustafson
(Mirage Guide Dog Hostess)

Please email us with suggestions on activities
we might include.

Registration fee, including cost of the Saturday night dinner/dance, to be announced.

Here is the link for RP Social attendees to book reservations
(copy and paste the following link into a web browser)

More to come!!!