Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to host a RP Social!

Larry and I spoke today. And I promised to send this note upon reflection.
Nine months in advance of the social, I began to look at hotels in the area. Some were treacherous. Some were spacious and accommodating. Others had no facilities to speak of.
The hotel may require a personal credit card number on file to hold the block of rooms
2. Reserve a block of rooms. This year we needed twenty. You will have until a week or so before the event to 'return' the unbooked rooms. With host's room will need hospitality suite.
Work with the hotel on a menu for the dinner dance to determine cost for registration
3. Set up a website for disseminating information.
4. Publish your invitation to any personal friends with RP, the RP Friends and the RPListerve.
5. Determine a 'soft' schedule of events and publish it to increase interest, and ask for ideas.
6. Make a registration form and post it to the website.
7. Begin working on a logo for T shirts and bandanas. ..or allocate.
8. Make a list of attendees to increase interest and support.
9. Keep active weekly to stimulate enthusiasm for the event.
10. A month before the social make a list of groceries and other things needed to stock hospitality suite.
11. Enlist local support if necessary to help with transportation.
12. Send out activities schedule to determine number of volunteers needed to assist.
13. A week before, confirm volunteers, make budget and be creative in getting food donated if necessary. People love to help one another. Don't be afraid to ask. . .they can always say 'no'...
14. Get your rest and know that there are powers greater than your own at work to bring the Social to fruition.
15. 'It's All Good'...the right people will attend and have a ball, no worries. You are just the facilitator :-)
16. Plan to relax enough to spend time interacting with your guests so you don't feel you missed the party. It is a lot of planning, but do have FUN!

Friday, July 31, 2009

"Shun u tah" : I feel empty, like a bowl that was just happily licked clean.
I am overcome by such a sense of freedom and vastness at having given all I had up in the name of hospitality.
I want to Thank All who left their comfort zones at home to attend the RP Social 2009 in Portland, Oregon:
Anita, Dr. Gislin, Dan and Nora, Gaylen, Ken, Jill and Easter, Jim and Atticus, Bonnie and Olympus, Becky and Shamus, Dale and Alexi, Bob and Carol, Mickie, Larry and Galleon and Ida, Tom, Jacque and Bach, Shelly and Elinor, Laura, Rose, Bob, Mark and Sherri, Johanna and Nicole and Constance, And Donna! I deeply love and honor you all: my family!

And to my great friends,who made our party possible: Kay, who note took and helped me hunt for the right hotel last October,DJ and Michelle who shopped with me,Yvonne at the Shanti, Berta the blueberry lady,Judy the Strawberry lady, Hildi the Veggie Lady,Noranne the Egg lady, 'More than Drivers': Gary, Anna, Sharron, Jim (Elinor and Dan #1), My wine sommolieres Doug and Fran,Susan my dinner coordinator, the coleslaw brigade; Char, Bobbie, Sheryl, Gary the Native American Flautist, Tracy our Masseuse with the golden heart,Mike for generously sharing his week old salmon catch, Dan the Salmon chef supreme. My cupcake girls; Gail and Cathy, 'More than drivers'; Judy R., Sue, Anna (wrong way Grandma), Sharron, Dan #1, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Jordy and Kay again. The Guitarist Mr. Tom, The bevy of room service and (security) personnel who responded to our calls. Plus those who offered their service and I couldn't think of another thing we needed. . .Jo, Charlie, Jim Starr, and Jill; waiting 'on call' should a need arise.
Most of all my Husband Dan. . .'who gave up his wife' for the last months as I devoted myself to being 'at your service'. My abiding love for you and devotion to our common life called me to host an event showcasing the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
I am ever grateful for your Presence and Gratitude; The gift we are to one another.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Coulda, woulda, shoulda..."
I heard this phrase from Sheldon Pravda, a newcomer to the RP Social scene from Bellingham Washington.
Yeah, that's where I have been for a few days... But it's really over now. I am not tired of thinking about this event and am still awaiting more 'reviews in word, thought and photos; longing to see the results of nine months of preparation through so many other's eyes.
A favorite scene for me occurred at the pool on Friday afternoon as Johanna, Nicole her dog and me and Mirage were hanging out. I watched Nicole as Johanna swam, swirling in joy and freedom ( Mirage dutifully lay on a chaise and took in the entire sight). Johanna swam across the pool and back effortlessly moving water as she silently slipped around. Her dog raced from 'shore to shore' with the huge smile on her face, dutifully anticipating her arrival. I laughed aloud at the loyalty and love Nicole was showing her sightless mistress.
Alas, no photos...just the JOY.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shopping for fresh produce and bakery items this afternoon with Michelle and DJ. . .with so much help we made quick work of the long lists. Thank You sweet girls :-) Good Friends~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today the final piece of the RP Social 'puzzled' fell into place as I was showering.I thought to myself, "Who do we know that could cook salmon beau...ti...fully?
The answer was obvious! Dan Harmic (who is about to open a Martini Bar as a result of loosing his job in December): avid Alaskan fisherman and Gifted Tenor. He just happens to LOVE dogs, having Owen since he was birthed by their first dog:-)
Any who as they say, His first question after I explained the RP Social ("30 people and 8 dogs") Was Eight Guide Dogs?!!!
Well he quickly agreed to alder smoke and bar be que ten pounds of really good salmon for us. He may even have a fish source :-)
I suppose besides the bottle of Pinot Noir, he will insist on delivering the freshly cooked salmon to our hospitality suite.
Sure Dan! And Dan. . . Thank you so much for being a Yes man. . .Huge sigh, I am deeply thankful.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Today the grocery shopping began in earnest; pop,herb tea and coffee. Also paper products such as plates, napkins and coffee cups. We are buying products from Washington and Oregon to reflect local flavors.(Tea and coffee, not edible paper)
Our BIG progress today was to talk to the Pretty Lady Kim, who owns Julianos Pizza. While visiting the hospitality suite on Friday it occured to us to buy a pony keg for the beer drinkers, and some light brews too. Kim did the math and we chose to order the Bridgeport IPA. Here is their website~ $56.00 buys 64 pits of delicious beer. And no cans to litter the Hospitality suite: A very green idea here.
The Social plans are coming along nicely~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eleven Days!
Dan and I toured the Hotel hospitality Suite on Friday.We spoke to the Manager and the Caterer for our Dinner Dance. We left there 'dancing on air'.
Seeing the suite helped me visualize how 30 people and 8 guides would gather: at tables and conversational groups, serving areas and how our bedroom/ massage center would all flow. We ended up with a second suite for conversation.
We are now considering a pony keg of some yummy beer to minimize cans and be more green. Being green is so important to me, though not in a manic way. . .a simple loving way of not being wasteful with our resources.(So everybody bring your own cup.) Just kidding. A little test to see who is following the blog. tee hee!
The restaurant has make 5 braille copies of their menus, and taught sensitivity training to their staff as to accomodate our visual challenges with ease. There is a well lit relieving station behind the hotel with gorgeous green grass, potty receptacle bags and a bell on the post where they will be available to us. You can even see or hear the planes take off nearby.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A total of 32 people and 8 Dogs

The List of Who's Coming to Portland
We have received Registration forms from the following:
Sheldon (Shelly)Pravda
Elinor Pravda
Bonnie Lorensen and Olympus
Jacque Olsen and Bach
Anita Cohn
Larry Marcum abd Galleon
Ida Rodgers
Janet Gianinni
Mickie Maciejak
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie
Dan and Suzy Gustafson and Mirage
Tom Morgan
Ken Garringer
Rebecca Koolstra and Shamus
Mark and Sherri Thompson
Rose Kamma Sarkany
Laura Rough
Dale Layer and Alexi
Gaylen Floy
Bob McGuire
Carol Peterson
Robert Sullivan
Johanna Wallace and Nicole
Constance Kofron
Nora Devane
Dan Devane
Donna L.Zerkel

Jill Guilbeau and Easter
Posted by Dan and Suzy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow, the registration is wrapping up with checks and forms still streaming in. We are up to thirty guests: a fine number. . .not overwhelming. Oh, we will have fun!
I have a spreadsheet listing who would like to attend what. . . and am ready to sign up drivers.
I am about to pen a letter to my best friends asking for "HELP!" I need to be direct about this. Did you know that people LOVE to help out?
I'll keep you posted.
Love, SuzyG and Mirage

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Good Samaritans Wanted to help with convention for the Blind at The Portland Sheraton Airport Hotel, July 23-26."
This ad ran in July's Villager, our neighborhood newspaper. With my phone number attatched. I expect the phone to be ringing off the hook! Too bad it didn't say, "Call Suzy at 360 521 6310. People here know Mirage and me and would link us to the call for help.
So, I have a spreadsheet with who is signed up for what events and can place the volunteer to the job with ease. If you haven't filled out your activities form, you may be spending your weekend in the Hospitality Suite! (tee hee! No worries family, we'll find more drivers.)
My first call came in at ten a.m. Kay and her husband Charlie want to take their two cars and seven people to the Guide Dog graduation at GDB. Kay also wants to whip up some coleslaw to go with the Salmon BBQ. And if that were not enough, she is driving us to Yoga at the Shanti Thursday night. What a Gal :_)!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today we received three more registrations. Wonderful to Anita, Rose and Gaylen.!!!
The hotel will 'close' registration on July 1 and the room rates will go up. . .also the kitchen wants an exact count for the Buffet then. So listen up...if you are on the fence PLEASE COME, We want to show you a wonderful time in Portland Oregon.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This is not Tom. . . .
Over the Memorial Day holiday Dan and I spent a toasty Sunday enjoying wineries in the SW Washington area. We packed three cheeses, three breads, three fruits, a chocolate bar and
bought some smoked salmon and a spicy crab spread at the this wonderful seafood store in Ridgefield.
There was a fellow named Tom playing all the oldies on his guitar, in the shade to an admiring crowd. It didn't cross my mind until last night in yoga, that I should hire him to play for the dinner dance on Saturday July 26th. . . .
Word has it that Dan Huhn will not be able to attend the Social this year.
Tom will give me a call tonight.
Since no money was planned to cover the musician we'll pass the hat and I'll pay the balance.
It's all good family. . . .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Hi, Suzy,
There are several of us who would like to do a
Portland city tour on Friday. Are you still planning
on organizing a city tour or should we do it on our
own? Is there only one company that does a city
tour? I saw one city tour on the internet that allows
you to add on a wine tour. I wonder if this would be
Also, I saw something on the social web site about
an Oregon wine tasting but now I'm wondering if that
meant as part of a Friday tour or do you plan to do
a wine tasting thing in the Hospitality room or what?
If you plan to do something like that just for our group,
then we wouldn't need to add on the wine tour to the
city tour. Could you clarify for me? Thanks!
By the way, we saw my mom last night. She is doing
great. She still has to use the walker any time she is on
her feet but she is appearing stronger and steadier all
the time. She is a remarkable 93 year old!


My response later tonight :-) Check this out:

Today I encountered Ken Garringer as he rode his bike either to or from his workplace. Ken is 'in charge'of the Brewfest portion of our hospitality. Ken suggested that Thursday is the bestday to go there, along the Willamette waterfront. This will be the quietest day and easiest to stay together and be able to taste and walk.
My part is to make sure we have transport vehicles or city MAX light rail schedules.
The other option is to go and enjoy as you please while you are here in town. Salut!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Registration closes in 24 days. Book your room and mail me your registration form if you haven't already done so. Pleeeaaassseee!
We want to include your sweet self in the RP merriment July 23-26th. We are making arrangements for the:
1. Salmon Barbeque.
2. Brewfest
3. Gorge trip and wine tasting
4. Coast trip and seafood feast
5. Yoga class, reiki and massage options.
6. Guide Dogs for the Blind will manage the tour and graduation outing.
7. The dinner dance needs rearranging if we don't have the number of guesta for the Ballroom. I will talk with Jeremy Duncan on Monday at the Sheration.
8. Publicity publicity publicity: this we need more of. I feel like this is my weakness.
So am asking for all you all to step it up and invite your friends.
Thanks everyone.
Gaylen Floy from Seattle is on board with the hostessing now that school is out. Welcome Gaylen!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Those attending~

The List of Who's Coming to Portland
We have received Registration forms from the following:
Sheldon (Shelly)Pravda
Elinor Pravda
Bonnie Lorensen
Jacque Olsen
Anita Cohn
Bob Sullivan
Larry Marcum
Ida Rodgers
Mary Dignan
Janet Gianinni
Mickie Maciejak
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie
Dan and Suzy Gustafson
Tom Morgan
Ken Garringer
Rebecca Koolstra
Mark and Sherri Thompson
Rose Kamma Sarkany
Laura Rough
Dale Layer
Gaylen Floy
Bob McGuire
Robert Sullivan
Dan Kiely
Sara Shay
Johanna Wallace
Constance Kofron
Posted by Dan and Suzy at 5:14 PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

RP Social
Hospitality Suite Shopping List


Coors light
Local Microbrews
Red Wine
Reisling Wine
Local Beers and wines
Diet Root Beer
Diet anything

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good news for those with Guide Dogs:-)

Hey, Suzy!
I just got done making my reservation at the
hotel for my mom and I. I told them that I'd have
a guide dog in my room and the lady asked me
if I'd like a dog bed in my room! Did you know
that the hotel will provide dog beds if we want?
Too cool! Bach is very spoiled and always wants
to sleep on a dog bed. He will be a happy camper!
See you in July!

Coming soon to Facebook. . . .after receiving this today!

"This would be great on "

Retinitis Pigmentosa Support Group

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Website

That Larry~
He's a Wiz if ever a Wiz there was. . . .
No have our official website now at

Pam and Jim's son was helping us out but he was generous to step in until we could get a more direct link to the RP community.
Check it out. There are also links to this blog, the registration form and a schedule of events will be the next feature.
We are so ready to meet this man from Northern California who is arriving for his first RP Social ever!
Way to step it up
and I think he's single ladies :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The RP Social 2009 T shirts are ready! And I have the distinct honor of modeling the first one off the press. I would like to get an interview from the artist Larry Marcum. . . ."
When I volunteered to create a logo for our Social this year, I did it blindly, pun intended, since I have not been to a RP Social before. Once upon a time I worked in the printing industry, so now when I get the opportunity to work on a project like this, it is pure fun.
I wanted to try to exhibit the sense of Portland and our beloved RP. Never being to Portland, or any part of Oregon yet, I selected a graphic which shows water, mountains, sky and sun, beauty all around. In looking at the sun in the graphic, I thought why not put an eyeball in the middle of the sun since the eye, for better or for worse is what links us all as friends and travelers together in this life with RP.

Suzy reminded me that Portland is the city of roses, so that was a challenge to incorporate roses into the scene, so why not plant a bouquet of roses at the top of the scene? I chose a type font that is bold and a colorful but simple graphic that as many of us as possible could see.

In the heat transfer process that I use to print the shirts, you can at least feel the images on the shirt when you get them, until you wash it a couple of times, the image does not fade away but the feel does, sorry! By the way, be sure to wash your shirt inside out the first time, which might be difficult to do with you dog's bandana , but it should be ok.

I truly hope that you like the design and I am very excited about meeting you all soon in Portland.
Larry will be attending our Social (his first) from Northern California.
He was so kind to send me one. And I love it Larry!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Megan writes (as a former RP Social hostess from Toronto):
"Another really important thing is to market the social, talk about the outings, talk about the attractions the city has to offer, talk about the hotel facilities - if it has a pool, an exercise room, or any other special features, talk about the dinner and dance plans, make it sound interesting and exciting. Another thing that is important to consider, is keep an updated list on the website of who is attending (with permission from people to have their names on the list). In the past, people would go to the attendee list and see who else is coming and be more interested in coming themselves if they knew who would be there."
Well folks here is one of two pools. This one is inside and there is a spa in the corner of the pool. The other pool is an outdoor pool, next door. . . a short distance across the parking lot.
And yes you may be inclined to work out each day in this lovely space.
The Sheraton is a spacious and handsome well lit hotel. We are scheduled doe the best time of the year, July is Always beautiful and warm. I so hope you will be able to attend. Words are inadequate to describe how much fun these Socials have been in the past. I wouldn't have volunteered to host otherwise.
Love, SuzyG

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guests. . . .
So After a proposal from an anonymous source, The Committee decided not to make the Social a scientific symposium. I will however invite an O and M specialist and also Genetics staff from Casey Eye Institute to join us for the dinner Buffet on Saturday the 25th of July.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

You can download the registration form here. Click on the download arrow on the right to download the form.

Inviting Dr. Richard Weleber and his staff from Casey Eye Institute~
in January, it seemed like a good idea to tell my Doc about our RP Social. He seemed very interested and wanted to be invited to the dinner dance. I asked another doctor~
"Dear Suzy,

I think it's a great idea! So what if we have to be somewhat dignified for a
few hours? It will be well worth having him there.

Here is another idea. Back in the days when we had the Social in Salisbury,
NC, we actually had an educational program on Saturday. Once we had a
demonstration from a guide dog school, another time from couple of O&M
instructors, and I was asked to give an update on what was hot in RP
research -- this was before there were so many other resources on the web
and everywhere.

So I'm wondering, would it make sense to have an education session on
Saturday afternoon from, say, 4 to 6, with these doctors and researchers as
speakers, followed by the dinner dance? If they don't feel like staying till 3
a.m. that's totally up to them, but I think they will at least stay for a while,
especially if you invite them to bring their spouses.

So you certainly have my vote, and you should feel free to tell them that I
support the idea."

I began having second thoughts about 'being studied' at a Social. And I ran two ideas past the Committee composed of past social hosts and it seems like
1. A unanimous 'No' to having a panel present on RP Topics. ( It is a Social :-)
2. But 'Okay' to invite the docs to enjoy an RP Social and informally discuss RP.
My intention was to show off how highly skilled we all are and how much love and friendship all share.
Still not sure about the formal invitation. . . .

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Sign here. . . .",the teller said.
To be perfectly transparent Dan and I opened a bank account today in which to deposit the registration checks. We now have two hundred eighty eight dollars towards stocking the hospitality room, the dinner buffet and Larry's t shirt expenses.
We will have a debit card and checks so we can make purchases at Costco and the liquor store, ferreting out fantastic deals when we can.

This is an actual scene from the Los Angeles Social in 2006. Nice Job!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The List of Who's Coming to Portland

We have received Registration forms from the following:
Sheldon (Shelly)Pravda
Elinor Pravda
Emma Gustafson
Jacque Olsen
Anita Cohen
Bob Sullivan and Marci Beane
Larry Marcum
Mary Dignan
Janet Gianini
Susan Sherrill
Mickie Maciejak
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie
Dan and Suzy Gustafson
Tom Morgan
Ken Garringer
Rebecca Koolstra
Mark and Sherri Thompson

This e mail from Sherri. . . .

"Hey, I have not been keeping up with how the social has been marketed, but I did hear that people did not have time to go read a blog.

I would love to see a good turn out, but you have to keep people excited.

Is anyone posting info on the other list about the upcoming social? Who is coming? What will the events be? And how much does everything cost?

I know I miss emails because I am busy, but others who are part of the list said there was not much talk about the social.

Just a heads up on what some are saying.


Sherri "

I admit to being surprised at this. I guess I have pictured myself communicating with all of you. Dan suggested we put a site meter on the blog to access how many hits it's getting. I am advertising the event on The Yahoo group RP Friends and at the RP Listserve run by Carlton. If others of you have ideas on publicity let me know. The website for the social is not under my control and things get posted as the individual has time so that is not a speedy way to stay connected. I thought blogging was the answer.
I will individually invite everyone I know with an e mail address. Thanks Sherri for the information.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update on the room availability at the Portland Sheraton. . . .after receiving this e mail from Larry in Northern California :-) The front desk shows eight rooms are still available. I will call Jeremy Duncan on Monday to get a list of those already booked and decide whether we need to reserve more rooms at the rate of $109.00. Thanks for your interest; this RP Social is going to be so much fun!! Wahooooooooooooooooo
Hi Suzy,
I called the Sheraton tonight and reserved my room. Then I have been in the Mirc chatroom with Mary Dignan and also Janet in Australia. They have both been trying to reserve through the online link and having trouble getting it to work, and it tells them that all of the blocked rooms are already booked. So I called the hotel for them and was told that there are only about 6 rooms left, so I reserved a room for each of them.
The hotel told me that once the alloted rooms are gone, the room rate goes up to $160 or more. Is that your understanding, that almost all the rooms are already booked so soon?
We just thought that you should know Suzy.
Take care, talk to you soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Roomate Wanted!

You know we can create shared rooms at the Sheraton for RPers traveling solo to the Social.
We didn't think to add this line to the registration form. Oopsies. . .
When Mirage and I flew to Los Angeles for our first social I was paired with Emma Gustafson, Jacque's Mother. Coincidentally we are both Gustafsons and we sure did hit it off. This room sharing is a terrific way to really get to know someone. And it cuts your expenses in half~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RP Social registration form

RP Social 2009 Registration Form is ready at long last; so many important decisions regarding costs. Thanks for your patience friends. . . Contact me by e mail or phone if you have comments or questions :-} Looking forward to seeing you all in July!
Love, Mirage, Dan and SuzyG

You can download the registration form here. Click on the download arrow on the right to download the form.

If you have trouble downloading the form, e-mail us at and we'll send you a form via e-mail.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Hi Suzy,
Larry here in northern California again. I still plan on going to the Social, I just have not made my reservations yet.
I have not been to one yet, but I want to bring up something and maybe make an offer regarding the tshirts and bandanas. It may be easier if you could call me?
Larry and guide dog Galleon"

Well our new friend and 'brother', Larry called to say he is willing to make our T shirts. He has the time and skills and resources to help. Go Larry!!
I think our Theme will be RP Social 2009 Portland,Oregon, the City of Roses

Pam Hogan is supplying examples of previous T shirt logos and she told me she has made the bandanas in previous years. If this part proves challenging, I too can get creative and find a nice rose print at Fabric Depot and pitch in to help Larry.
Larry,Thank You So Much:^)
Guess What!
Suddenly the buffet suggestion rooted in me and began to become a viable option. I called Anna Abraham at the Sheraton today to pursue the idea and take another giant step towards fixing the cost of the dinner dance and completing the registration form, ( Thanks Dan) Anna said they will have servers at the buffet line to help us and we are certainly help one another since we are a 'family'. To have an entree served to us was the same price as the buffet which has so much more to offer.
We added an in room bar for $95.00 which will ease the traffic to and from the bar in the lobby. Dan says the drinks are reasonably priced. Having a bar in the ballroom only adds one dollar to the total cost.
So I am happy, how about you? Here is the description. . .

"Simply Sheraton" Buffet $28.95
Seasonal Mixed Greens with assorted dressings
Fresh Fruit Salad
Bow Tie Pasta Salad with Smoked Ham
La Trattoria Vegetarian Lasagna
Herb Roasted Chicken
Green Beans and Herb Roasted Potatoes
Rolls and Butter
Chef Barry's Dessert Table
Starbuck's Cofee and Tazo Teas

Okay, it's not a Rose but it is a hydrangea from the yard next door.
Inviting you to the Pacific Northwest. . .

RP Social in Portland, Or.
July 23-26, 2009

Save this Date!
RP Social
July 23-26, 2009
In beautiful Portland,Oregon
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

8235 Northeast Airport Way, Portland, Oregon 97220
800-325-3535 for reservations

Mention RP Social to get our negotiated room rate. We have reserved a block of 40 rooms.

A basic room rate is $109.00, or
$129.00 for a package that includes daily continental breakfast and Happy Hour

Hosted by Dan and Suzy Gustafson
(Mirage Guide Dog Hostess)

Please email us with suggestions on activities
we might include.

Registration fee, including cost of the Saturday night dinner/dance, to be announced.

Here is the link for RP Social attendees to book reservations
(copy and paste the following link into a web browser)

More to come!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have to admit that I am frustrated.
Of course I will work through it. . .
But you may think I am not being productive. And I guess I am spinning my wheels a bit.
I called the Sheraton today to confirm the menu I was given in October and to confirm the prices. Well, I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Abraham and she sent me a copy of the new dinner 'offerings'. As a well trained chef I would not be content to offer the sames entrees year after year either. So many foods and so little time! Anyway, if we don't offer one entree then by adding a second entree everyone pays an additional three dollars to their entree plus twenty one percent to cover the gratuity and cost of the ballroom.
Wouldn't it be easier for the vegetarians, Dr. Gis and me to simply go to the dining room for the roasted vegetable ravioli and carrying our plates to the ballroom to eat with y'all than to charge one hundred people a total of three hundred dollars to accommodate our personal choice?
It's maddening.
They offered the buffet, but is that a viable option? Dan and I avoid buffets like the norovirus . . . Mirage a good guide goes nuts with the 'crumbs' she finds on the floor.
This I will have to sleep on.
Maybe we just offer beef or vegetarian on the registration form and Dan can bring up a vegetable lasagne and salad for the vegetarians among us.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dinner and Dancin?
Dan brought this to my attention. . . if we have a dance we will need music :-)
Okay, I agree.In previous years a band of smoking, red haired men named Dan haul in a lot of discs and spin the tunes while we dance. It's always fun to just bop abound the dance floor with the girls and your occasional 'good sport' if a man. Thanks Guys!!!

Here is a letter I received today~

If the Dans won't be spinning discs, I don't think you necessarily need to
hire a band or a DJ. A sound system and a couple of iPods are all you'd
really need (and a volunteer,of course). That'd be a whole lot cheaper
and quite possibly free. You'd want to check with the hotel, though, to
make sure that they wouldn't have a problem with a do-it-yourself setup like

Just a thought in case Daniel won't be doing the music.


Any other ideas? Shall we go low budget? Call in favors or Find the Dans!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Graduation Day at GDB will be on July 26th.
I just spoke to Jane Grecco who will happily accommodate the guests at the RP Social 2009 who want to attend a graduation and tour of the residential facility. The school is about 20 minutes from the Portland Airport. We will arrange a shuttle to Guide Dogs for the Blind.I am guessing this option will be 12 to 4 on Saturday the 26th. You'll be back at the Sheraton in time for the happy hour that will precede the Dinner and Dance.
A full day to be sure.
We are also thinking of a trip to the Coast for Saturday. Let me know what else YOU come up with.
Thank You Mary Dignan for this superb suggestion.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dear Suzy:

So we got the hotel, and I got my tickets, so let's see some folks signing up, lol. I will post my "advertisements" for the social, lol. It looks like there will be a lot coming if everyone who says they are actually does! Are you and Dan hosting alone? Do you need any help? If you need me to look anything up, or be a contact, or lead a group, or anything, just let me know. I am here for you, lol! But don't ask me to design the t-shirt, ha ha; it would be stick figures!

Have a great day and be good to yourself.
Mickie ; ) RP in NJ
Life is short; break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably - and never regret anything that made you smile.