Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Good Samaritans Wanted to help with convention for the Blind at The Portland Sheraton Airport Hotel, July 23-26."
This ad ran in July's Villager, our neighborhood newspaper. With my phone number attatched. I expect the phone to be ringing off the hook! Too bad it didn't say, "Call Suzy at 360 521 6310. People here know Mirage and me and would link us to the call for help.
So, I have a spreadsheet with who is signed up for what events and can place the volunteer to the job with ease. If you haven't filled out your activities form, you may be spending your weekend in the Hospitality Suite! (tee hee! No worries family, we'll find more drivers.)
My first call came in at ten a.m. Kay and her husband Charlie want to take their two cars and seven people to the Guide Dog graduation at GDB. Kay also wants to whip up some coleslaw to go with the Salmon BBQ. And if that were not enough, she is driving us to Yoga at the Shanti Thursday night. What a Gal :_)!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today we received three more registrations. Wonderful to Anita, Rose and Gaylen.!!!
The hotel will 'close' registration on July 1 and the room rates will go up. . .also the kitchen wants an exact count for the Buffet then. So listen up...if you are on the fence PLEASE COME, We want to show you a wonderful time in Portland Oregon.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This is not Tom. . . .
Over the Memorial Day holiday Dan and I spent a toasty Sunday enjoying wineries in the SW Washington area. We packed three cheeses, three breads, three fruits, a chocolate bar and
bought some smoked salmon and a spicy crab spread at the this wonderful seafood store in Ridgefield.
There was a fellow named Tom playing all the oldies on his guitar, in the shade to an admiring crowd. It didn't cross my mind until last night in yoga, that I should hire him to play for the dinner dance on Saturday July 26th. . . .
Word has it that Dan Huhn will not be able to attend the Social this year.
Tom will give me a call tonight.
Since no money was planned to cover the musician we'll pass the hat and I'll pay the balance.
It's all good family. . . .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Hi, Suzy,
There are several of us who would like to do a
Portland city tour on Friday. Are you still planning
on organizing a city tour or should we do it on our
own? Is there only one company that does a city
tour? I saw one city tour on the internet that allows
you to add on a wine tour. I wonder if this would be
Also, I saw something on the social web site about
an Oregon wine tasting but now I'm wondering if that
meant as part of a Friday tour or do you plan to do
a wine tasting thing in the Hospitality room or what?
If you plan to do something like that just for our group,
then we wouldn't need to add on the wine tour to the
city tour. Could you clarify for me? Thanks!
By the way, we saw my mom last night. She is doing
great. She still has to use the walker any time she is on
her feet but she is appearing stronger and steadier all
the time. She is a remarkable 93 year old!


My response later tonight :-) Check this out:

Today I encountered Ken Garringer as he rode his bike either to or from his workplace. Ken is 'in charge'of the Brewfest portion of our hospitality. Ken suggested that Thursday is the bestday to go there, along the Willamette waterfront. This will be the quietest day and easiest to stay together and be able to taste and walk.
My part is to make sure we have transport vehicles or city MAX light rail schedules.
The other option is to go and enjoy as you please while you are here in town. Salut!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Registration closes in 24 days. Book your room and mail me your registration form if you haven't already done so. Pleeeaaassseee!
We want to include your sweet self in the RP merriment July 23-26th. We are making arrangements for the:
1. Salmon Barbeque.
2. Brewfest
3. Gorge trip and wine tasting
4. Coast trip and seafood feast
5. Yoga class, reiki and massage options.
6. Guide Dogs for the Blind will manage the tour and graduation outing.
7. The dinner dance needs rearranging if we don't have the number of guesta for the Ballroom. I will talk with Jeremy Duncan on Monday at the Sheration.
8. Publicity publicity publicity: this we need more of. I feel like this is my weakness.
So am asking for all you all to step it up and invite your friends.
Thanks everyone.
Gaylen Floy from Seattle is on board with the hostessing now that school is out. Welcome Gaylen!