Monday, July 13, 2009

Today the grocery shopping began in earnest; pop,herb tea and coffee. Also paper products such as plates, napkins and coffee cups. We are buying products from Washington and Oregon to reflect local flavors.(Tea and coffee, not edible paper)
Our BIG progress today was to talk to the Pretty Lady Kim, who owns Julianos Pizza. While visiting the hospitality suite on Friday it occured to us to buy a pony keg for the beer drinkers, and some light brews too. Kim did the math and we chose to order the Bridgeport IPA. Here is their website~ $56.00 buys 64 pits of delicious beer. And no cans to litter the Hospitality suite: A very green idea here.
The Social plans are coming along nicely~


  1. Larry, Ida and GalleonJuly 13, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    Hey Suzy and Dan,
    All is sounding so great and I am so looking forward to next week!
    The hospitality suite, relieving area, beer, and local theme is super!
    It sounds like the Sheraton is being very accomoading and hospitable.
    Thanks you so much for your work on hosting. See you soon,
    Larry, Ida and Galleon

  2. I can't find your number, again!
    Thanks for the comment. Got a bad one from a guest saying keg micro brew difficult to drink and warms easily. No worries here. . .we'll have something for everyone.