Thursday, July 2, 2009

A total of 32 people and 8 Dogs

The List of Who's Coming to Portland
We have received Registration forms from the following:
Sheldon (Shelly)Pravda
Elinor Pravda
Bonnie Lorensen and Olympus
Jacque Olsen and Bach
Anita Cohn
Larry Marcum abd Galleon
Ida Rodgers
Janet Gianinni
Mickie Maciejak
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie
Dan and Suzy Gustafson and Mirage
Tom Morgan
Ken Garringer
Rebecca Koolstra and Shamus
Mark and Sherri Thompson
Rose Kamma Sarkany
Laura Rough
Dale Layer and Alexi
Gaylen Floy
Bob McGuire
Carol Peterson
Robert Sullivan
Johanna Wallace and Nicole
Constance Kofron
Nora Devane
Dan Devane
Donna L.Zerkel

Jill Guilbeau and Easter
Posted by Dan and Suzy

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  1. Sounds wonderful ... wish we could join. You've done a great job getting it all organized.