Friday, July 31, 2009

"Shun u tah" : I feel empty, like a bowl that was just happily licked clean.
I am overcome by such a sense of freedom and vastness at having given all I had up in the name of hospitality.
I want to Thank All who left their comfort zones at home to attend the RP Social 2009 in Portland, Oregon:
Anita, Dr. Gislin, Dan and Nora, Gaylen, Ken, Jill and Easter, Jim and Atticus, Bonnie and Olympus, Becky and Shamus, Dale and Alexi, Bob and Carol, Mickie, Larry and Galleon and Ida, Tom, Jacque and Bach, Shelly and Elinor, Laura, Rose, Bob, Mark and Sherri, Johanna and Nicole and Constance, And Donna! I deeply love and honor you all: my family!

And to my great friends,who made our party possible: Kay, who note took and helped me hunt for the right hotel last October,DJ and Michelle who shopped with me,Yvonne at the Shanti, Berta the blueberry lady,Judy the Strawberry lady, Hildi the Veggie Lady,Noranne the Egg lady, 'More than Drivers': Gary, Anna, Sharron, Jim (Elinor and Dan #1), My wine sommolieres Doug and Fran,Susan my dinner coordinator, the coleslaw brigade; Char, Bobbie, Sheryl, Gary the Native American Flautist, Tracy our Masseuse with the golden heart,Mike for generously sharing his week old salmon catch, Dan the Salmon chef supreme. My cupcake girls; Gail and Cathy, 'More than drivers'; Judy R., Sue, Anna (wrong way Grandma), Sharron, Dan #1, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Jordy and Kay again. The Guitarist Mr. Tom, The bevy of room service and (security) personnel who responded to our calls. Plus those who offered their service and I couldn't think of another thing we needed. . .Jo, Charlie, Jim Starr, and Jill; waiting 'on call' should a need arise.
Most of all my Husband Dan. . .'who gave up his wife' for the last months as I devoted myself to being 'at your service'. My abiding love for you and devotion to our common life called me to host an event showcasing the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
I am ever grateful for your Presence and Gratitude; The gift we are to one another.

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