Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today the final piece of the RP Social 'puzzled' fell into place as I was showering.I thought to myself, "Who do we know that could cook salmon beau...ti...fully?
The answer was obvious! Dan Harmic (who is about to open a Martini Bar as a result of loosing his job in December): avid Alaskan fisherman and Gifted Tenor. He just happens to LOVE dogs, having Owen since he was birthed by their first dog:-)
Any who as they say, His first question after I explained the RP Social ("30 people and 8 dogs") Was Eight Guide Dogs?!!!
Well he quickly agreed to alder smoke and bar be que ten pounds of really good salmon for us. He may even have a fish source :-)
I suppose besides the bottle of Pinot Noir, he will insist on delivering the freshly cooked salmon to our hospitality suite.
Sure Dan! And Dan. . . Thank you so much for being a Yes man. . .Huge sigh, I am deeply thankful.


  1. Way to go Suzy!!! Good shower thinking!

  2. I'm singing in the rain. . ..
    Don't you your best thinking there Larry?
    washes all the 'soot' of the day away!