Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eleven Days!
Dan and I toured the Hotel hospitality Suite on Friday.We spoke to the Manager and the Caterer for our Dinner Dance. We left there 'dancing on air'.
Seeing the suite helped me visualize how 30 people and 8 guides would gather: at tables and conversational groups, serving areas and how our bedroom/ massage center would all flow. We ended up with a second suite for conversation.
We are now considering a pony keg of some yummy beer to minimize cans and be more green. Being green is so important to me, though not in a manic way. . .a simple loving way of not being wasteful with our resources.(So everybody bring your own cup.) Just kidding. A little test to see who is following the blog. tee hee!
The restaurant has make 5 braille copies of their menus, and taught sensitivity training to their staff as to accomodate our visual challenges with ease. There is a well lit relieving station behind the hotel with gorgeous green grass, potty receptacle bags and a bell on the post where they will be available to us. You can even see or hear the planes take off nearby.

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