Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Coulda, woulda, shoulda..."
I heard this phrase from Sheldon Pravda, a newcomer to the RP Social scene from Bellingham Washington.
Yeah, that's where I have been for a few days... But it's really over now. I am not tired of thinking about this event and am still awaiting more 'reviews in word, thought and photos; longing to see the results of nine months of preparation through so many other's eyes.
A favorite scene for me occurred at the pool on Friday afternoon as Johanna, Nicole her dog and me and Mirage were hanging out. I watched Nicole as Johanna swam, swirling in joy and freedom ( Mirage dutifully lay on a chaise and took in the entire sight). Johanna swam across the pool and back effortlessly moving water as she silently slipped around. Her dog raced from 'shore to shore' with the huge smile on her face, dutifully anticipating her arrival. I laughed aloud at the loyalty and love Nicole was showing her sightless mistress.
Alas, no photos...just the JOY.


  1. Sounds delightful. You have such a way with words - I can just visualize you enjoying the great company by the side of the pool. Where is it next year?

  2. Suzy,
    Again, thank you and Dan and your wonderful friends for all that you did. It being my first Social, and the aprehesion that goes with that, it was wonderful and you all took that aprehesion away immediately! I will always carry with me the great memories, and look forward to future Socials.
    Larry and Galleon

  3. Suzy, I too wish to add my thanks for such a wonderful time at this years social. Not only did i get to reconnect with some friends but i met so many new ones that i will now cherish as my extended RP family members.
    You and Dan did a phenominal job of hosting this social with all the wonderful food, drinks and outings that were planned.
    Many thanks to those who assisted you as well
    I know that Dan, Donna and myself had a fabulous time, and will cherish all the wonderful memories and friendships we made while there.
    Thank you both once again for opening up your hearts to host this wonderful time
    much love and hugs to you
    and yes I will be sharing many pictures with you when i am finished editing
    big big hugs
    ttfn Nora

  4. Nora and I had a BLAST....we really appreciated all the effort you and Dan#1 put into the social. It was great to be able to meet so many people Nora is always talking about -- I wish we could have spent more time up there.

    I really enjoyed chatting w/ Ken. We ran into him and Mickie at the Oregon Brew Fest on Sunday! Spreaking of brew, Dan#1, the choice for the Bridgeport IPA was 'spot on'! I enjoyed chatting w/ you and wish I could have joined ya for a brew and a stogie.....mebbe next time!

    Tell Dan #2 the salmon was awesome! I love BBQ, and have never used Alder - I prefer hickory, apple, and cherry wood - but that was good stuff!!

    I look forward to keeping in touch. And, I am hope to see some of y'all when we pass through on our 'Adventure'! The long drive was worth it!

    Thanks again, Dan #3